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Grownup sounding bio

Lucie Witt is a writer and professor. She writes contemporary and speculative young adult and adult novels, heavy on the romance. She has a law degree and the corresponding student loans, and teaches women and gender studies classes on gender, race, motherhood, the criminal justice system, domestic violence and sexual assault. She lives with her husband, four sons, and beagle-pointer mix in Kentucky. She’s fueled by black coffee.



A more representative roundup of random

Favorite drinks:

black coffee (all day, every day), sparkling water, caramel lattes, mint tea, bourbon (either neat or with ginger beer, ice, and a dash of bitters)




Associate of Arts

Bachelor of Arts (major: sociology; minors: communications, Pan African studies)

Juris Doctorate

Jobs I’ve worked in the past:

personal assistant, sales associate at a western store, sales girl at a hippie store, tutor, line cook and shift manager at a pizza place, bartender, cleaning lady, waitress, family court intern, human rights intern, bookseller (RIP Borders), clerk at a real estate closings law firm

Student loan debt:

I have been advised by my attorney not to post anything here that may induce a heart attack or stroke.

 Astrology run down:

Scorpio sun sign, Libra ascendant, Taurus moon

Writers I most admire: 

Spanning multiple genres, and in no particular order: Lin Manuel Miranda, Toni Morrision, Walter Mosley, JK Rowling, Kimberle Crenshaw, Dorothy Roberts, James Baldwin, Nikki Giovanni, bell hooks, Jamilah Lemieux, Feminista Jones, Tiffany Reisz, Trudy (thetrudz), Josie Pickens, Ashley Ford, Cheryl Strayed, Daniel Jose Older, Stacia Brown, Roxane Gay, Erin Morgenstern, Laini Taylor, Katie McGarry

Favorite time of the year:

Fall. Witch weather, Scorpio season, colors everywhere, sweater and scarves. Perfection.

Favorite things:

netflix binges, being with my family, notebooks and pens, office supplies in general, hikes, books, antique malls, organizing things, space, books about neuroscience and habits, making lists, spreadsheets, interior design

Favorite TV shows:

Gilmore Girls, Suits, Veronica Mars, Sherlock, Blackish

Favorite quotes:

“A girl should be two things – who and what she wants.” – CoCo Chanel

“I want to be a good man and a good writer.” – James Baldwin