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Posted on Jan 24, 2016 in Blog | 0 comments

Pay attention to Whole Woman’s Health v. Cole

Pay attention to Whole Woman’s Health v. Cole


From Reuters:

“Oral arguments scheduled for Mar. 2

The Court has decided to hear a challenge to a Texas law that regulates abortion clinics. The regulations require facilities to meet the same building standards as certain surgical centers and require physicians who perform abortions to have admitting privileges at local hospitals. The challengers say the requirements are too strict and would cause many clinics that perform abortions, particularly in rural areas, to close.”

The very first legal topic we cover in my motherhood and the law course is reproductive freedom. We cover birth control, eugenics, and the most well-known face of the reproductive battle: abortion.

Young women who enter my classroom tend to rest comfortably on the rights earlier generations of women of won. Birth control. Abortion. Things that they assume will always be there “even if I don’t agree with it personally.”

From one of my law school textbooks

From one of my law school textbooks

Only the won’t. Maybe.

Reproductive rights are tenuous.

If women’s healthcare advocates lose this fight, it is not a good sign of things to come.

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